Neradine Tisaj - Mind over cancer


Author, brand consultant, TV Producer and meditation teacher Neradine Tisaj shares how she found her way out of the meditation closet to do life and cancer on her terms.

A high flying TV executive at the peak of Australia’s reality TV heyday, Neradine’s world was a heady mix of celebrity glamour and infamous PR moments.

But a triple negative BRACA1 cancer diagnosis, with only a 5% chance of survival beyond the next 5 years turned her world upside down.

In her unguarded account of life ten years on, Neradine tells The Bottom Up how she held on to find her way to better health and life - away from TV - as a meditation teacher helping others navigate their cancer diagnosis.

She gives us a look behind the curtain of both worlds and shares what it has really taken to go beyond survival to be truly alive again and enjoying the privilege each day of living to tell the tale.

If you’re interested in learning to meditate with Neradine you can contact her on 0419 360 345 or

Her next Vedic Meditation course will be held in Melbourne Oct 12-14 at The Olsen Hotel in South Yarra.

*Refer to this podcast and you will be eligible to receive a special discount.

For more information you can check out her website:

Her blog on cancer:

Her blog on meditation:

Her first book was How To Give Up Shopping (or at least cut down).

Her new book The Change Junkie will be released next year.

Darryl Brown