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Bowel cancer survivor speaks out to help others

MOST people avoid talking about their bowels, but one woman wants to discuss the topic with everyone.

Stephanie Bansemer-Brown, 43, from Carnegie, was diagnosed with bowel cancer two years ago and was shocked to find she had it in her early 40s and with no family history of the disease.

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Gibson’s lies have betrayed cancer victims

THE recent Australian Women’s Weekly interview with Belle Gibson has again raised much debate and fuelled water cooler talk around the country.

I have observed Belle’s story with anger, confusion and sadness. I must also acknowledge that I feel deeply sorry for her young son and I genuinely hope she now finds the help she needs to move forward with her life.

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Lung AND bowel cancers more likely to be diagnosed in later stages

For many people the shock of a cancer diagnosis can only be tempered by the phrase: "at least we caught it early".

But new data shows this can't be said for many patients diagnosed with two of Australia's most common cancers.

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What girl doesn’t like a new bag?

Well until a few years I thought all bags were an accessory that a girl just had to have and you couldn’t have too many. That is until I got my very own 24/7 “Carry All” - an ileostomy bag!

In March 2012, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 bowel cancer, 3 months shy of my 42nd birthday. This age is significant to me as my mother passed away of ovarian cancer at 42 and all my life this age stuck in my head as a milestone to achieve!

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