The Bottom Up

The Bottom Up asks ordinary people facing extraordinary events how they survived some of the most unimaginable situations, to find their way from The Bottom Up?

In conversation we find out what it really takes when life is turned wrong side up and how everyday people find a way to flip it back again. We share candid conversations that are honest, funny, raw, hopeful, helpful and 100% relatable for anyone that’s ever faced one of life’s big hurdles.

At The Bottom Up we don’t shy away from these topics - instead we walk head first into them, to find out more about being human, what we’re all made of, where resilience comes from and what it really takes to come out on top.


How we got started

The Bottom Up stems from the experience of our podcast co-founder Stephanie Bansemer-Brown, who found herself promoting TV programs and celebrities one day and hoping to survive bowel cancer the next. Her own struggle at 42 - the same age her mum had been when she died of ovarian cancer - left her shocked and searching for answers and more importantly, connection.

This got her thinking, that despite living in the digital era with the world seemingly at our fingertips, we still need people when life happens … and perhaps because of the digital era, we need connection now more than ever.


Connect Through Conversation

Today, we’re here to help lighten the load, hold out a hand, entertain and connect through stories and conversation. At the heart of our podcast is a deep belief in the human exchange of ideas and experiences and how a chat can help us make sense of life’s unplanned moments.

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Stephanie’s story

Originally a farm girl, Stephanie became a TV Executive, launching many of Australia’s favourite franchises including MasterChef, Offspring, Big Brother and Rove. The way people connect and the power of a persuasive story had been at the heart of her career. Creating positive headlines and glossy magazine covers, Steff’s world revolved around image but a Stage 3 bowel cancer diagnosis in 2012 (just shy of her 42nd birthday) changed everything. She tackled the cancer head on with her own personal brand of ‘fizz and glitter’ and today (6 years later) is cancer free. Her energy is now turned to raising the profile of Australia’s second deadliest cancer as an Ambassador and Marketing Manager for Bowel Cancer Australia . She’s also s a director on the board of the Cancer Council of Victoria and consults to the AFL.

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Chelsea’s story

Chelsea has carved a long career in storytelling as a journalist, editor, PR and media consultant, communications specialist, copywriter and strategist, which ultimately led onto launching her own brand language agency. As one of Australia’s most specialised brand language experts, she helped global and national brands find their voice and reach audiences with clear, compelling stories that resonated deeply and helped make lots money for businesses. But a heart for not-for-profit causes also meant dedicating time to more human narratives. Her love of words and the way they make us laugh, shape history, move public opinions or simply help a child drift warmly to sleep is at the heart of what makes her tick. A sociologist too (having studied it as one her Majors at university), she’s also obsessed with culture and people.

The Bottom Up is a passion project for Chelsea, combining her love of communication with her own personal experience of love and loss - having lost her own mum to cancer, aged just 50 years old. The types of conversations we’re not having in life and our untold stories are something Chelsea is now deeply interested in sharing through conversation with others.


Darryl’s story

Darryl works as a TV editor, shaping stories daily on Network Ten’s The Project. During his 32+ years in production and behind the camera he’s sculpted many TV moments from sporting highlights while working with FOX Footy and FOX Sports, to showcasing people’s greatest aspirations on shows like Grand Designs Australia and sharing newsworthy and personal stories accross multiple media outlets.

His work at The Bottom Up is a labour of love - as a fellow storyteller and partner in Stephanie’s cancer journey and as her husband of 21 years. His technical and creative talents are a cornerstone of The Bottom Up.

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